Rory Ellis

Rory Ellis

Rory Ellis is the quintessential Australian Alternative Country artist, with buckets of talent, heaps of stories to tell, and almost impossible to pigeonhole. He’s got blues man in him,soul belter, red-dirt country, home-grown folkie and a voice that can raise the dead. Rory has performed at major festivals Australia wide for many years and internationally in Europe and the UK having done 9 massive tours here. 6 media acclaimed albums, a wealth of road smarts and having performed alongside greats like Richie Havens, Eric Bibb and the Robert Cray Band you will leave knowing you just made an important visit.

“Ellis himself is larger than life, and this personality of his comes through in his records, in the stories he spins, in the way he crafts his albums… Folk, blues and country shades combine to form another captivating chapter in the Rory Ellis almanac.” – Forte Magazine (Chris Lambie)

“Where the record really shines though, and I’ve mentioned this before, is in Ellis’ voice – so big and rich is it, that you can’t help but be drawn in to whatever it is he’s singing about, feeling what he’s feeling. It’s a voice made to sing country music, which is why his music, and this album, are so simple, yet so effective.” – Rhythms Magazine (Samuel Fell)

“Rory Ellis is a great storyteller, who has the ability to mischievously mislead the listener with his tall tales” – Northern Sky (Allan Wilkinson)

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