The Emerald Armada

The Emerald Armada

The Emerald Armada is a five headed alt Irish, folk rock beast from Belfast. From early in their journey the band got used to hearing their song lyrics sang back to them at shows. This popularity is thanks to their infectious hook laden melodies, stunning four part harmonies and high-octane live performances.

The five brothers in arms find their heartbeat in a thunderous Bodhran drum and percussion set up, while an electric lead guitar soars over two acoustics and a bass.

Drawing inspiration from the sea, friendship and the small hours of the morning The Emerald Armada have fans from all walks of life leading to some of the most eclectic mosh pits ever assembled.

2014 saw sell out shows and a string of festival dates in Ireland. Further afield, the band travelled to India to play festival dates in Kolkata and Bangalore as well as a high profile club show in Mumbai.

“The bands energetic live performance clearly rubs off onto the audience who jump, mosh and sing the lyrics back to the band. Between gorgeous 4 part harmonies making the hairs on your neck stand on end, the beautiful guitar solos of Tony McHugh and the always amazing Bodhran solos of Dermot Moynagh, I am left speechless.” – ChordBlossom

“Never has it been such a pleasure to dance amongst such an animated and colourful crowd, as The Emerald Armada’s infectious folk had the venue rocking from the first strums of an acoustic guitar to the last.” – BBC Across The Line

“They are wonderful live, all soaring harmonies and cheeky banter” – Whatstheruckus Magazine, London

“Right from the beginning of their set they hit you with an intricate wall of sound, tickling your eardrums in all the right places.” – DepthOverDistance, Glasgow

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