The Rutles

The Rutles






The “Legendary” Rutles have somehow magically and mysteriously transformed into even more of a Tribute Band’s Tribute – who do their own songs – Band. Now with Special Guest Elliott “Still Reelin’” Randall – a legend in his own right – pickin’ and a-noodlin’ with “Rutlin” Ken Thornton, new boys Phil Jackson [Keyboards] and Jay Goodrich [Bass] – bringing the average age down to a little over 30 – along with original “Heritage Acts” John Halsey [aka Barry Wom] on Drums and Neil Innes [aka Ron Nasty] on Piano and Vocals – pushing it all the way back up to well over 60 – it can only add up to just one thing:

“It’s Party Time!”

Or maybe just one or two things:

The Rutles will Sleigh You!


All You Need Is Pud!

Hey! YOU decide how many things it can only add up to!

“You’ll never see so many happy people in one room.”

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