Agent Story – Sarah

Sarah has quickly fitted in with the Midnight Mango team, bringing with her a wealth of experience from all over the music industry.



Sarah, what brought you to Midnight Mango?

I’ve been working in different aspects of music for many years – some of those years alongside a career in children’s services (very different worlds!)

I started out as a local promoter in 1999, worked as a tour manager, independent booking agent, venue booker, stage manager at festivals and most recently, I worked full-time for a national promoter for 3 years. I’d worked with Matt and Pip (from Midnight Mango) when I was a promoter so I knew about Midnight Mango. What I really wanted to be at my age was a full-time booking agent. I left AGMP at the end of November 2023 without a real plan – Matt contacted me about coming to Midnight Mango as an agent and it all worked out from there! I was able to bring my existing roster of artists with me and I have also now taken on some new acts who approached me.

You’ve clearly done a lot of jobs in the music industry – Why did you land on being a booking agent now?

I love working as part of a band’s team and delivering tours they’ll enjoy and do well on. I think that at almost 50, I’m a bit too old to be tour managing and on the road all of the time, though I used to love it when I did it. Working closely with bands and developing relationships is something you don’t get to do as much when you’re a promoter so, becoming a booking agent full-time felt like the natural progression.

How has it been working out at Midnight Mango?

I absolutely love it here. It’s really good to be part of such a friendly, welcoming, and helpful team. Although we work remotely, everyone is always on hand to answer questions or take a quick call. I like that the whole team shares ideas and event leads with each other. There’s no competition or egos here, which is something really special. I also like that we have some international agents on the team. It gives Midnight Mango something extra and is really useful to have people with knowledge across different countries.

What sort of bands do you like to work with?

I previously worked with dub reggae and ska artists, which I loved for a while. Now though I seem to be going back to what I liked when I was a teenager and in my early twenties – intelligent indie, guitar bands, folk rock, some slightly punky stuff. I don’t know why I shifted that way it just happened naturally. I’m also a sucker for a brass section too! I’ve always liked guitar bands with intelligent lyrics and – everyone says this – have always had eclectic taste, which brings a lot of different flavours to the music I like. I have to love their music to be able to book for a band and I’m very lucky that all of my acts are lovely people too.  I’ve recently taken on an act that comprises members from two of my favourite teenage bands, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Power of Dreams. Listening to their new tracks, as they are sent to me, is a delight. I’m lucky to work with Ian Prowse & Amsterdam after being a Pele fan in the early 1990s and I also have a couple of really talented emerging artists on my roster.

What advice would you give someone considering joining the Midnight Mango team?

Do it! Definitely do it! Talk to some of the agents if you’re considering it as a career option. There are so many benefits. The massive address book is an obvious one and something you don’t really have as an independent agent. But the main one is that it’s great to be part of such a caring and well-respected team.

Who would you love to have on your roster?
Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi

First festival
Glastonbury 1994 – my school headmaster did an assembly and urged everyone to go!

Best festival
Glastonbury is always a highlight – it’s legendary and also I enjoy working on the cabaret stage each year.

Shambala is also one of my favourites because I do that for fun with family and friends.

First gig?
Bon Jovi at Sheffield Arena in 1990

Best gig (so far)?
That’s a hard one! But…

Best live band?
Gogol Bordello (or Bon Jovi -seen them 17 times!)

Best gig?
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Bentley Rhythm Ace and James Atkin from EMF in Birmingham was a highlight for me as an audience member and also as I was running the show!

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