Alien Chicks

Alien Chicks are London based post-punk power trio but their music touches on a whole mix of genres including jazz, rap, and math rock. Their songs are a twisted fairy tale of post-Brexit Britain – a surreal social commentary packed with punchy rhythms, eclectic time signatures and nostalgic harmonies. Their youthful charisma, humour, passion, and sense of fun make for an addictively energetic live show.

They have made their mark on the London music scene as regulars (‘the new house band’) at the Windmill Brixton. They have been playing gigs every week at venues all over London, building a grassroots following and a reputation as a brilliant live band.

They released their first single ‘While My Landlord Sleeps’ in April, which was played on BBC Introducing among other interest, and released their second single ’27 Stitches’ on 8th July. In April they went on their first tour to Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, and Sheffield.

Only 2 songs into their Career, the band have already had press and industry interest from ASBO magazine, Glitch magazine, BBC introducing, and Urbanista, and have interviews/reviews booked in with Hard Of Hearing magazine and Still Listening magazine among many others. The future is bright for this post-punk power trio.

‘[27 Stitches] Sort of track I want to get into a venue and listen to live right now…very very cool track’ – Danny Fullbrook (BBC Introducing)

‘South London’s hardest working post punk power trio’ – Windmill, Brixton

‘All three of ’em are beyond talented and when Joe and Stefan do their back-to-back vocals ya can’t help but have a big ol goofy grin’ –urbanista magazine

‘Born out of the boredom of lockdown, a new wave of “post Brexit post punk” bands have hit the Brixton Windmill [with] Alien Chicks at the forefront’-Glitch Magazine

‘Alien Chicks’ explosive new single ’27 Stitches’ was released last week to a truly epic reception at the Brixton Windmill’-Totally Wired mag

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