Alien Chicks

This band Alien Chicks, they are a problem. Frenzied and evil. Constantly teasing total chaos, leaving you a little on edge in the process. – Jack Saunders

Brixton based Alien Chicks were in several ‘Ones to Watch for 2023’ lists, and were named ‘one of the most talked about bands’ at The Great Escape 2023 by Rodeo magazine. DIY described them as ‘one of the bands at the heart of London’s DIY underbelly’in recent DIY NEU feature, as well as 1 of 6 recommendations for their recent performance at Mutations Festival out of the hundreds of bands playing there. Queues were outside the door, much like their recent Left of the Dial showcases.. this band are on a fast upwards trajectory! Catch them in your local grass roots venue, before it’s too late.

Only a year and a half into being a band, they have gained a buzzing grassroots following, always playing to packed crowds, with their London hometown following growing at an incredible rate; from a sold-out Lexington in April 2023, to a sold-out 100 Club, just 6 months later… that’s a 75% increase! They have had radio play from Jack Saunders (Radio 1), Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6 and Honor Morrison from BBC Introducing and are loved by bands alike, with English Teacher recently choosing them for their UK Sold out October 2023 tour support (including London’s Scala) and Fat Dog, Opus Kink, Warmduscher all choosing them for hometown London supports.

They are a feisty, fun, groove-infused punk trio, whose music explores a whole mix of genres including jazz, rap, bossa nova, and math rock. Their songs are a surreal social commentary packed with punchy rhythms and eclectic time signatures. Their youthful charisma, humour, passion, and sense of fun make for an addictively energetic live show.

‘Something special’ – Carl Barât (The Libertines) 6

‘One of the bands at the heart of London’s DIY underbelly’ – DIY NEU

‘I really like this’ – Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6

‘This band Alien Chicks, they are a problem. Frenzied and evil. Constantly teasing total chaos, leaving you a little on edge in the process.’ – Jack Saunders

‘Splendidly wild and weird’ – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

‘Brilliant show’ – John Kennedy, Radio X

‘Alien Chicks remind me of the Beastie Boys meet the Streets meet Black Midi… If you want to see them, do it now cos you only get so much time with bands like these in early days, just still forming, fighting to see what they are capable of; and I have no problem telling you that these lot are capable of some serious shit… I have seen them pack enough rooms across the country to tell you that for free.’ – urbanista magazine

‘A trio of Duracell bunnies carrying enough electric energy to rival a nuclear power plant’ – Hard of Hearing magazine

‘Everything about Alien Chicks is big and brash. Their name, their sound, their lyrics… there’s a lot to be said for the giddy joy they create on stage’ – Brad Harris, ASBO

‘If you weren’t already in the mood to get in the centre of a mosh pit and scream ‘I’m a cowboy!’ then you will be now’ – The Rodeo mag

‘When I first heard them I was like wow, this is the energy we need.’Honor Morrison, BBC introducing

‘[27 Stitches] Sort of track I want to get into a venue and listen to live right now…very very cool track’ – Danny Fullbrook (BBC Introducing)

‘South London’s hardest working post punk power trio’ – Windmill, Brixton

‘All three of ’em are beyond talented and when Joe and Stefan do their back-to-back vocals ya can’t help but have a big ol goofy grin’ -urbanista magazine

‘Born out of the boredom of lockdown, a new wave of “post Brexit post punk” bands have hit the Brixton Windmill [with] Alien Chicks at the forefront’-Glitch Magazine

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