Amy Montgomery

“Amy Montgomery is a revelation,… this Irish singer-songwriter is poised to become an exceptional new voice in the alternative rock music canon. Uninhibited, raw and with a sound like no other artist of her generation, Montgomery has a rare power that distils personal pain into something visceral and liberating.”- Independent, ones to watch

Nominated as ‘Artist of The Year’ in Northern Ireland Music Prize and tipped as ‘One To Watch’ in Independent Newspaper. Amy Montgomery is an Irish artist from Belfast. Decked out in war paint and flamboyant stage costumes, she presents a fearless and confident persona as both performer, singer and woman. She may only be 24, but her tribalistic movements on stage hold an ancient quality that will leave you in awe.

Regurlarly touring throughout Ireland, UK, Germany, Australia, Her powerful vocals and performance channel the edgy energy of Alanis Morissette or Nine Inch Nails. With a massive, charismatic stage presence that has been likened to Freddie Mercury in the past, Amy and her incredible band present an energetic show that you will never forget.

Festivals highlights so far include Electric Picnic, Greenman, Kendal Calling, Stendhal, Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival Main Stage, Main Stage Shambala Festival, Black Deer Main Stage, Blizzarrrd Rock, Co-headline at Sisters Festival (AT), A Summer’s Tale, Rolling Stone Beach and Park Weekenders in Germany with FKP Scoprio. Her music has a global appeal, and she was recently chosen as one of a select few artists to represent Belfast at One Young World Summit in Manchester.

“I would not be surprised if Amy Montgomery were to find herself on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury.” – Gigging NI

“A Warrior Soul Cradled In Tradition – Amy Montgomery was one of the standout performances at Cambridge Folk Festival 2019.” – Trebuchet Magazine

“A force of nature” – Newcastle Herald, NSW, Australia

“Belfast Star Amy Montgomery’s delivered a stellar performance with raucous vocals that echo way beyond the main arena” – Clash Music Magazine, Black Deer Festival 2022 (One of Clash’s main highlights)

“Fresh from a festival in Switzerland the night before, Amy Montgomery showed no sign of flagging in one of the most dynamic performances I have seen in a long time. Two years ago when I first saw Amy I thought she was a great performer – now after gigs all over Europe and a stint at this year’s Glastonbury, she’s verging on world-class!” – folkandtumble.com

“She has already been compared to Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, possibly because of the power of her voice, the free abandon with which she sings so naturally and her bohemian look. Tonight, many of the songs could have been lesser known songs of Fleetwood Mac and her gutsy, dreamy, melodic vocals are reminiscent of the legendary Stevie Nicks” – National Rock Review, Feb 2018

“The biggest and best surprise of the entire weekend was Amy Montgomery This lady has a huge voice with phenomenal power and she wasted no time in getting the crowd dancing. Playing as part of three piece who rotated between drums, guitar and keyboards, Montgomery didn’t give you the time or space to draw breath” – Stendhal Festival Review, Aug 2018

“Astounding voice alert, Amy is a great sonic explorer in the tradition of Janis Joplin and John Martyn” – BBC NI Across The Line

“If Alanis Morissette and Trent Reznor were to have a baby and then send the baby to be babysat by Joni Mitchell for half the week and the other half of the week be babysat by Janis Joplin, you would come pretty close to Amy Montgomery” – Scenestr

“The utterly feral Amy Montgomery sent a wave of disbelief across the marquee and out into the field beyond. A wild performance, bluesy, gutsy engaging and utterly individual” – Northern Sky, Cambridge Folk Festival

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