Andrea Vanzo

Andrea Vanzo is an award-winning musician and composer based in Bologna, Italy. His music often evokes a nostalgic and warm atmosphere developed through a post- minimalist style. He merges modern classical with elements of the pop soundscape to create a new cinematic musical language.

“Intimacy Vol. 1”, a collection of piano solo works, was released in October 2022. The album draws inspiration from places that have an emotional relevance for Andrea: his home surrounded by nature and the beautiful landscapes around Italy. Relationship between humans & nature, love, feelings and freedom of expression are the main themes of his music.

In February-March 2024 he went on tour for the first time in Europe with only eight concerts, all sold out, in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona.

Also in March 2024 he was awarded at the prestigious G.A.N.G. Awards (Game Audio Network Guild Awards) in the United States for his cover of “Song of Storms”, released with Decca Records US.

His music has already reached millions of listeners on social platforms and he is currently one of the top influencers in neoclassical genre with a growing fanbase of over one million followers on Instagram.
Andrea Vanzo will be touring again very soon and “Intimacy Vol. 2” will be released sometimes in 2025.

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