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Developing Your Roster (Part 4)


A roster should develop its own identity. Talent buyers will remember good rosters and the agents that run them. This will make it easier for the agent to develop their network.

Developing Your Roster (Part 3)

Layered sandwich

In this post, I discuss broad categories of artist statuses that make up a healthy roster. Regardless of the genres covered by an agent’s roster, the agent is going to need to pay attention to the level of touring their artists achieve.

Developing Your Roster (Part 2)

4 principles

There are four basic principles to developing an ideal roster. Follow these in conjunction with your working goals and you’ll get to where you want to be faster.

Developing Your Roster (Part 1)

Agent goals

A good roster will have an identity of its own. It will form a cohesive group of artists and the agent will become known for the artists they work with. This will make the agent’s work less chaotic and reduce the number of talent buyers they need to work with.

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