Joining the Dots (Bringing a team together)

The Team

Bringing a team together around an artist can be a tricky thing to do. Agents at Midnight Mango get a broad training in many aspects of the Music Industry so they can help introduce artists to the people they need to know.

Taking on new talent, Part 2 How to approach

Confident woman

Once you have identified who you want to work with. The agent will need to sell their services, it’s a big decision for any artist so be prepared. And be prepared for a grilling!

Taking on new talent, Part 1 Who to approach?

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When an agent starts working with an artist it is a relationship that may continue for decades. It’s super important that we make every effort to make the right decision in advance to avoid wasting a lot of time.

Announcing a tour

Once the tour is routed and signed off, there’s a lot to do before it gets announced. In this post, we dig into some of the things that need to be considered before it can be released into the big bad world!

Routing a tour – Part 3, Getting down to it!

Desert road

In Part 3 of routing a tour we get down to walking the walk and getting the job done. It takes a certain type of dogged and tenacious individual to route a tour – especially with emerging talent – do you have what it takes?

Routing a tour – Part 2, The ideal tour

Dustbowl road

Before we start writing emails and making calls, it’s good practice to map out the best tour you could book in the tour window you have. A tour where you managed to hit all the cities you want. A tour with the most suitable venues and promoters. We call this our Ideal Tour.

Routing A Tour – Part 1, Do your homework!

Prairie road

Booking a great tour can be a very satisfying achievement. A great tour will create shows that artists and audiences will remember. It will also raise the profile of the artist. A great tour will also work financially and minimise travelling. To get this right the agent needs to do their homework first!

Music Business Conferences

Trade Stand

Music Business Conferences form an integral part of a typical booking agent’s calendar. They provide an opportunity for agents to meet talent buyers face to face, show-case artists, learn from industry leaders and generally have a good time away from home. Fun it may be, but it is still very much work!

Show Deals – VAT

Neon Tax

In this post, I get under the bonnet of the dreaded VAT. There are not many people who are fascinated by the intricate workings of VAT – but booking agents need to have a reasonable understanding so they can quote their artists correctly and spot an incorrect settlement.

Show Deals – An Overview

Percentage balloons

What it says on the tin! In this post we go through the five most common types of deals that music booking agents strike with promoters. Agents need to know when to use each type of deal and understand what they mean for their artists’ income.

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