Boogie Belgique

Boogie Belgique’s sound is a blend of electronic music and jazz, with hints of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra and Fat Freddy’s Drop. Varying anywhere between relaxing, intimate moods and energizing, danceable grooves, Boogie Belgique’s sound is characterized by melancholy, nostalgia and a human touch, mainly due to the systematic diy-approach of producing and recording.

The band has unveiled their latest LP, Machine, a collection of music imbued with the band’s overarching mystique along with themes exploring the distraction culture we’re experiencing today in the modern age. Parallels are drawn between today and the pre-war zeitgeist of the 1930s, when culture had entered a progressive phase, not dissimilar to that which we are experiencing today. Boogie Belgique’s penchant for swing, big band sounds and crooners is evident throughout the LP, which is an invitation to slow down as it meanders gently from downtempo jazzy cuts, tranquil hip hop beats and slightly faster-paced dance cuts.

It suggests a genuine love of (and reverence for) the music of yesteryear and it means you can rest assured that Boogie Belgique never drifts into the realms of the cheesy and obvious – International DJ Magazine

It’s a beautiful concoction, and Boogie Belgique delivers on many aspects of this style throughout this eleven track album. Volta is a satisfying trip in an aural time machine – The Noise Gate

It’s sound is a mix of retro sounds, jazz and modern eletronic music. The retro vibe sets you in a early 1900’s where you can chill or boogie along all the songs – Has It Leaked

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