December 4, 2020

Booking Agent

Live Music Booking Agency

We are advertising for an experienced booking agent to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible, resourceful, friendly and experienced. Most of all, they need to be ambitious and passionate about the music of the artists they represent.

The position is working from home.


  • Salaried position with bonus, holiday, pension etc
  • Respected and award-winning agency brand
  • Industry-standard booking software
  • Company marketing
  • Fantastic website
  • Deep address book
  • Great support and line management
  • Monthly artist settlements
  • Track your commission
  • Work from home
  • And much more…!


These are just some of the attributes we will be looking for…


The successful candidate will be responsible for booking a roster of artists, from pencil to completion. As an integral member of their artists’ teams, they will play a significant role in artist career development.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Booking festivals, public and private performances
  • Routing tours
  • Liaising with artist management
  • Negotiating deals
  • Drawing contracts and invoices
  • Recording payments
  • Representing The Agency at conferences


The successful candidate will bring many skills. Midnight Mango places emphasis on working in a friendly and personable way with clients and colleagues. There is no place here for aggressive negotiating practices or negative attitudes.

Skills will include:

  • Fantastic social skills
  • Fantastic timekeeping
  • Fantastic organisational skills
  • Fantastic negotiating skills
  • The ability to keep a cool head under pressure
  • Be available outside of office hours
  • A solid understanding of the maths of a show
  • An excellent and friendly telephone manner
  • Excellent working computer experience
  • Good knowledge of spreadsheets
  • Familiar with Apple hardware and software


The successful candidate will be experienced as a booking agent.

Experience will include:

  • At least three years experience working as a booking agent
  • A roster of artists that they bring to the agency
  • Expertise in a limited number of musical genres
  • Deep knowledge of the live music sector in the UK and Ireland
  • Experience of booking into Europe.
  • Many working relationships with promoters, venue and festival programmers
  • A university degree or equivalent


The successful candidate will come to the agency with a roster of artists. This position is not a trainee position. Midnight Mango will maintain Key Man agreements with the artists. This will allow artists to follow their agent should they leave the company. Midnight Mango will work with The agent to develop and strengthen their roster.


The salary is negotiable and will depend on skills, experience and roster. It will be composed of a regular salary and a quarterly bonus. Agents at Midnight Mango are rewarded well for the work they do and the revenue they bring in to the company.


There is a clear career pathway in Midnight Mango from Agent to becoming a director of the company.

If you would like to work for Midnight Mango and fit the criteria above, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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