Conrad Bird Joins Midnight Mango

Conrad Bird Joins Midnight Mango

We’re super pleased to announce that Conrad Bird has joined Midnight Mango as a new agent as part of the Agent Freelancer Platform!

Conrad, who many may know from Holy Moly and the Crackers, has joined Midnight Mango to diversify his skills within the music industry. We are very pleased to welcome him to the team.

Conrad will be representing Dani Larkin, Hector Gannet, Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers, Morganway and True Strays, and is looking to build on this roster.

Conrad says: “Over the past 8 years I have toured the UK and Europe as an artist. One of my favourite things has always been meeting and hearing other musicians on the road – it’s a real joy. I’m over the moon that I am now working with the artists I love, and introduce them to the world so that other people can love them too. I have always admired Midnight Mango for their approachable and transparent ethos, as well as the work they do for their artists… It’s a real honour to be on the team.”

Over the coming days we will be releasing more details about Conrad’s acts.

Conrad’s Roster: https://www.midnightmango.co.uk/conrad/

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