Our Brand

People come to work with us at Midnight Mango because they recognise our values.

Our Network

The network of music industry professionals we have built up is key to our success.

Agent Story – Louise

Find out how Louise is rapidly working her way up through the company!

Our Support

We’re here to take away all those monotonous tasks and provide support to make booking easier.

Work Smarter Take Control

Our Agent Freelancer Platform is designed for agents who want to go freelance and be in control of their income.

Agent Story – Rich

Find out how Rich works as a freelancer based in the Czech Republic

Work Smarter Do Less

Our agents work hard, but there’s no start or finish time you just check in when you want to start and check out when you are done.

Work Smarter Earn More

Let us take that weight away. The service we offer gives back time, so our agents book way more shows!

Agent Story – Sam

Find out how Sam has developed his roster at Midnight Mango


We will create and grow an agency of highly motivated freelance agents who have control over their own roster and income.

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