Deep Forest

The Deep Forest story began in the early 90’s in the North of France with the intention of mixing ethnic music with their own electronic and jazz sounds.

Their debut self-titled album included the smash single ‘Sweet Lullaby’, made them an instant worldwide name and, including their subsequent releases, they went on to sell 10 million albums. The band received a Grammy nomination for Best Work Music Album category and then, with a later album, ‘Boheme’, they won the accolade.

Collaborations with Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock Aluna Wade, plus compositions for various movies and remixes for the likes of Youssou N’Dour, to name but a few, the band were always productive. In 2005 Michel Sanchez left to pursue a solo career whilst Eric Mouquet continued to create under the Deep Forest name, releasing Deep Africa and Deep India albums to name just a few of the many productions.

The Deep Forest live set is of today is versatile, as likely to dip into high tempo electronic music or jazz for audiences to dance to as it is to be ambient and relaxing whilst always retaining that classic Deep Forest sound. 2024 marks the 30th anniversary for the Best World Music Album in the Grammy Awards and 2025 is the 30th anniversary when Deep Forest won the prestigious award.

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