Different contracts for different shows

JigsawOur main long contract attempts to address all situations, nevertheless, there are times a different contract template is more appropriate.

Here are some reasons why the long contract template doesn’t always work…

  • A purchaser of a private performance will not be familiar with industry jargon.
  • A house concert or a folk club won’t appreciate reading a multi-page contract.
  • A promoter of multiple dates on the same tour just wants one contract for their shows.
  • A support option can’t be enforced in isolation from the headline artist.
  • A Music At My House performance is a different brand.

and so on…

In Overture, it is possible to edit contracts in Word and then re-upload them to the booking. However this is a time-consuming process and crucially, Overture loses the ability to track the signing process. So agents could forget to get their contracts signed.

As a result, we have developed a number of different contract templates for different circumstances. Agents at Midnight Mango need to be familiar with our contract templates and know how to use them appropriately. Here is some guidance on when to use each one…

The Long Contract-Template

Always use the Long Contract for the following

  • Festivals
  • Ticketed shows over 200 capacity
  • Any performance outside UK & Ireland

Consider using a different template for folk clubs, house concerts, or low tariff shows in GB or Ireland.

The Multidate Contract Template

We’ve yet to develop this contract template with Overture, but it should be coming on stream very soon. This contract template will be available for multiple shows that have been booked for the same artist, with the same promoter, in the same tour period. One contract will cover several shows. Essentially it will have the same content as a long contract.

The Short Contract Template

The first page is identical to the long contract template, the difference is that there are fewer clauses and so it requires less admin time from the purchaser. We designed this template as a reaction to grumblings from folk clubs.  These are often amateur organisations that are run by volunteers. Although we consider any contract to be helpful and reassuring, there are times when the long contract can be off-putting. We acknowledge this and have produced a shorter version. (NB This doesn’t mean we don’t take deposits – that’s a different question altogether)

Only consider this template when contracting folk clubs, house concerts, and low tariff shows. This template should not be used outside GB or Ireland.

The Support Agreement Template

We call this just an “Agreement” rather than a contract because it doesn’t require a signatory. The Agreement cites the support artist, the headline artist, and the fee. We still need to log the booking on Overture as well as issue an invoice for the performance. This template allows us to do that, whilst requiring minimal admin from the purchaser.

Private Contract Template

This template is used for weddings and private parties. It is stripped right back, there are fewer particulars and clauses. If the private event is outside GB or Ireland then the long contract template should be used.

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