Dream in Colours

Renowned musician Steve Knightley is thrilled to announce the launch of his exhilarating new festival band, Dream In Colours. This captivating ensemble promises to immerse audiences in a spellbinding fusion of trance, rhythmic beats, and world music grooves, inviting listeners to dance, sing, and embrace the collective energy of music.

Dream In Colours is a vibrant blend of diverse musical talents, each contributing their unique artistry to the ensemble. Leading the charge is virtuoso violinist Bennett Cerven (The Trouble Notes), whose mesmerising playing adds an enchanting and ethereal dimension to the compositions. Eliza Marshall (RAnagri) brings her extraordinary flute, taking listeners on a musical voyage that evokes deep emotions and paints vivid sonic landscapes. Percussionist Johnny Kalsi (Afro Celt Sound System), renowned for his world music expertise with Dhol and Tablas, infuses the performances with infectious energy and a global rhythmic pulse.

With an emphasis on anthem songs that resonate deeply with audiences, Dream In Colours creates a powerful platform for collective celebration and unity. Knightley’s evocative lyrics and captivating melodies inspire listeners to join in a shared experience, transcending boundaries and forging connections.

Steve Knightley shares his excitement: “I am incredibly excited to introduce Dream In Colours to music lovers around the world. Our fusion of trance, rhythmic beats, and world music grooves creates a sonic tapestry that invites audiences to let loose, embrace the rhythms, and celebrate together. With the exceptional talents of Bennett, Eliza, and Johnny, we aim to transport listeners on a rhythmic journey that sparks joy and connection.”

Dream In Colours is set to captivate audiences with their dynamic blend of trance, rhythm, and world music influences. Stay tuned for updates on live performances, festival appearances, and the release of their highly anticipated debut album.’

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