Droop Lion

Droop Lion

Born Andrew Brown in St. Mary’s Parish Jamaïca, His musical heritage was further enhanced by growing up in the turbulent Waterhouse community in Kingston.

By early 2000 Droop started recording using the moniker Droop Dawg, however, the Dawg was transformed into a lion when the doyenne of Jamaican radio, Elise Kelly of Irie FM, heard the deep, powerful, soul roaring voice and commented in awe: “No man……this Dawg is a Lion”. The name fit him snugly. Droop Lion was born willing and ready to embrace his destiny.

The release of singles such as “Mama Soon Come Back” (a tribute to his mother gone too soon) and “Freeway” – inspired by the tragic 2010 events which unfolded in the political stronghold of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, which saw 70 victims of violenc., Not surprisingly, “Freeway” settled several months at the top of the charts in 2012 and soon became Droop Lion’s signature song.

This was followed by singles including “Ganja Baby”, “Lock Down”, “You Can’t Hurt Her” and “Pray for Them”, written after devastating floods and which topped the charts in 2013. Interestingly, this was also the year that the roots prince packed his bags and strategically made his move to take on the world and make it overflow with roots Reggae. Brimming with enthusiasm, Droop Lion did his first International tour, opening for Capleton – 36 dates throughout South Pacific, New Caledonia, France, Italy, Germany and Denmark .

Droop Lion soon came to the attention of Roots Reggae mystics, the Gladiators, who hand-picked him for an almost sacred role. Droop Lion would replace Albert Griffith, the legendary singer and one of the founders of the Gladiators, a band formed in 1967, before the prince was even born. The elders who hold the key to Roots Reggae communicated their desire and not only did he accept, he revealed to them a mystery. He, too, had the blood of Gladiators flowing through his veins, as his uncle was an original Gladiator. Destiny had called and the Prince of Roots was quick to answer.

Droop Lion now tours with his own band.

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