Flint Moore

Award-winning UK band Flint Moore is a unique voice in the rock genre, one that’s steeped in the complexities of human emotion and the inevitabilities of life. Their sound is an exploration of hopeful despair, a contradiction that resonates through their music. They navigate the dualities of existence – pain and death, yet also openness and infinite possibility.

Drawing inspiration from 90s and 2000s icons like Tool, Radiohead, and Pearl Jam, they’ve carved a sound for themselves that respects their revolutionary sounds while pushing their own boundaries. They strive to extend the emotional and musical narratives they found in their own influences.

At the heart of Flint Moore is the belief that life is pain, and only by choice is it different. Their music is about those who have faced darkness, yet choose to seek out the light.

“Two stand out at Northern Kin… Flint Moore are arresting live performers with the perpetually moving Madeline Holland proving an irresistible focus” – Trev Eales, Louder Than War

“Lead singer Francis Pennington has a huge, soulful voice and Madeline Holland was easily the coolest bass player on-site all weekend… these guys are ones to watch” – OMS Magazine

“Grungy Rockers Flint Moore have won all the rock competitions East Anglia has and are by far Cambridge’s biggest unsigned rock band… Go and see them before they get to Wembley” – Josh Robins, The Ruskin Journal

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