Hang Massive

Hang Massive

Since 2011 Hang Massive have shaped the global handpan music scene, pioneering a successful electronic act with a magnetising live show. Blending dream-like acoustic and upbeat electronic sounds, their unique style inspires a worldwide audience.

Their first music release and video “Once Again”, which gained wide renown and was watched over 50 million times online. Its viral success introduced people around the world to a captivating new instrument and saw the emergence of a global fan base devoted to this groundbreaking musical project.

The founding members, Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat, met on the shores of Goa, India, forging their creative partnership in its vibrant international arts scene. Over the following years, the Hang Massive project evolved from busking on the streets of European cities to performing festival line-ups and high profile music venues around the world of up to 1500 capacity per night.

2018 saw the release and great success of their album “Luminous Emptiness.” The powerful collaboration features standout tracks like “End of Sky” and “The Secret Kissing of the Sun and the Moon,” which has amassed almost 25 million views online. During the Luminous Emptiness Tour from 2018–2019, they performed sellout gigs across Europe, the UK, South America and Russia.

Hang Massive are currently working on a new album which is scheduled for release in the early summer of 2023. The band are currently working on their new audio visual experience for their upcoming world tours and festival performances.

“You couldn’t help but feel like you were in a state of wonder and discovery.” Sophie Hui, Strong Island

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