Hannah Bright Joins Midnight Mango

Hannah Bright
Midnight Mango would like to welcome Hannah Bright to the booking agency, as one of the latest members of our ‘Agent Freelancer Platform’.

Hannah represents The Barefoot Bandit, The Brothers Gillespie, Dom Martin, Gilmore & Roberts, Laura Cortese & Little Quirks.

Hannah Says: “Throughout the years I have been consistently inspired by Midnight Mango’s positive outlook, transparency, and proactive approach both as promoters and then as an agency – so I am extremely happy to join such a great team, who really strive to work in the best interests of all sides on a booking. Their support enables me to establish new relationships in the industry and to add some wonderful artists to my roster, who I’m looking forward to creating new opportunities for!“

View Hannah’s roster here.

Read more about the Agent Freelancer Platform.

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