Introducing Rick Buckler

🎉 New Signing: Rick Buckler!

Now booking for Q&A, literary, and PA events everywhere except North America.

Featuring the legendary drummer of The Jam, Rick Buckler, A Night of Memories & Music is your chance to witness history in the making. Feel the rhythm of “A Town Called Malice,” and get lost in the soulful sounds that define a generation, as he recalls all his memories plus stills, videos, and music. It’s a must for all fans of The Jam!

Join Rick for a night that’ll make you feel like you’re in the heart of the Mod revival, as Rick takes you back to 1977 and guides you right through to 1982. Transport yourself to the days when vinyl records were king, and Fred Perry was the uniform of cool. It’s all about the music, the style, and the timeless appeal of The Jam.

For all booking enquiries please contact Sarah: [email protected]

Discover more: https://www.midnightmango.co.uk/rick-buckler/

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