Jake Morrell

If nothing else has helped get us through the last few months, music has certainly played its part. So not surprisingly at least one artist has drawn inspiration – and created this irresistible song to highlight how music can reach and touch people – even, in this case, a faltering love interest. 

Initially discovered by Dermot O’Leary, Norfolk born Jake Morrell proves yet again his way with an infectious melody. Jake has become the country’s favourite UK Country male artist through a
succession of ear-candy singles and joyous live shows. 

We know that this pandemic has been a disaster for artists, but Jake is one who has spent his time productively, both by helping his community through social work, a family tradition, and helping to fund his ongoing recording career by working as a builder. This has enabled him to create new music, new videos and online content.

Jake is also now bringing together the cream of the UK’s independent Country artist community on a major project for the new year. Watch this space.

Meanwhile ‘Leave The Radio On’ for Jake Morrell.

Best Male Artist – Belles & Gals Awards 2020

‘It’s great to see Jake Morrell flying the flag for British Country’ –
Dermot O’Leary, BBC Radio 2

‘Jake Morrell is one of about fifteen solo male country singer-songwriters in the UK. He’s also one of the best, as his new EP Englishman shows’ – Lyric Magazine

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