#KeepVATat5 Campaign

Today we, along with the whole of the music industry, call on the Government to #KeepVATat5, to help with the recovery of the live sector from the effects of COVID-19.

VAT on ticket sales was reduced by the Government from to 5% but they now want to increase this back to 20%.

This increase in VAT will impact the entire ecosystem – the crews, the artists, venues and all employees – just when we need help to survive and recover the most.
Increasing VAT by 400% at a time when the live music industry needs crucial support would be catastrophic for our recovery

With a reduction of more than 80% in revenue across the industry during the pandemic, we were one of the first industries to close and likely the last to reopen. We need help to recover.

Find out how you can help here: https://livemusic.biz/campaigns/

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