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Laid Blak

Laid Blak represent the quintessential Bristol music story, celebrating 20 years in the business this year, they have deservedly cemented themselves not just in Bristol’s honorary list but extremely thought after right across the UK.

2022 saw the band win Reggae Album of the Year voted by the people and awarded by the UK Reggae Fraternity, for its release of ‘From the Vaults’. The single release ‘Golden’ from the album was show cased on many radio stations most notably on BBC 6 Music with Craig Charles a big advocate.

Building on their successful rave wrecking partnership, the pair began to look for a new musical direction and like many of Bristol’s most loved musical exports, they drew inspiration from the melting pot that is Bristol music, which of course has Reggae and Soundsystem culture at its core. What began as a studio project, found them seeking out some of the most impressive musicians the city has to offer and Laid Blak was formed.

On their journey to becoming one of Bristol’s most exciting and loved live bands, the duo brought in an array of talented musicians to complement and augment their ideas. Including Lupo on bass, Stacy on drums, Scotty on the guitar, Ras on keys and Tita on supporting vocals.

The Laid Blak sound takes massive inspiration from ska and reggae, but has often been described as ‘street soul’. The influences are broad and represent sounds that define the eclecticness of Bristol music, from reggae, to dancehall, soul, hip hop, funk and jazz, whilst of course never forgetting their jungle heritage. It’s all in the blend and the results is a fun filled sunshine dance music that keeps your feet moving and your face smiling.

As live performers Laid Blak are a phenomenon, one reviewer went as far as to describe them as ‘the essential festival band’. No one ever forgets a Laid Blak performance, the charisma of the vocalists and the musical dexterity of the band leave a lasting impression. Winning over even the most cynical of punter and making them shock-out on the dancefloor.

“It’s thoughtful soul-influenced reggae – quite original in the UK context” – ReggaeMusic.org.uk

“you could hear great vibes, energy and gravitation of hordes of festival-goers” – Rockshot Magazine

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