Les Yeux d'la tête

Les Yeux d’la tête

Lulled by songs, fed with rock and world music, these Parisians adept at swing, dance floor and song have more than 800 concerts and 12 countries to their credit. Founded in 2008, Les Yeux d’la tête unleash the stages by delivering a music finely energetic and madly soft, festive but subtle, vintage and modern. The texts are neat, engaged and lined with a humor without concession, the melodies are beautiful, dancing and heady… The talented sextet likes to please themselves by doing us good. On stage it is a feast, on disc a delight.

They knew how to conquer and impose themselves in the musical landscape of France but also of Germany where they meet a remarkable national success.

Composed since January 2020, their new album is well anchored in its time and explores the areas of darkness and light, brought by the current era. Sharing, solidarity, isolation, encounters, friendship, freedom, frustration… are among the themes addressed. We will also find more distant sensations, journeys of ideals, an absolute desire to break down barriers…

Musically, the group returns to its youthful loves that are gypsy and world music. It sways, it swings, it stirs head and heart alike. Recorded in Paris by Laurent Jaïs, the album was released in October 2021.

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