Nigel Morton Joins Midnight Mango

Nigel Morton
Midnight Mango would like to welcome Nigel Morton to the booking agency, as one of the latest members of our ‘Agent Freelancer Platform’.

Nigel represents Amy Speace, Bruce Cockburn, Gretchen Peters, Kathryn Williams, Kim Richey, Lilly Hiatt, Martha Tilston, Paul Brady, Steve Forbert & Terra Lightfoot.

Nigel Says: “After the unprecedented halting of the international live music industry in the past year or so, I’m really happy to be able to bring my 40+ year experience of the music industry and my roster of international and national acts from Moneypenny Agency to Midnight Mango. Together we’ll be able to combine our knowledge and talents in an exciting new chapter for all concerned. Onwards and upwards for everyone involved, artistes, managers, agents, promoters and venue owners we’ve got your number in our sights.”

View Nigel’s roster here.

Read more about the Agent Freelancer Platform.

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