No Money Kids

No Money Kids

From lo-fi rock to electronic blues, No Money Kids takes us on a musical road-trip through the post-industrial wild west. Fleabag motels, flashing neon signs, memories in the rear- view mirror, the duo speeds through the night on a forgotten highway towards a cinemascope horizon. Inspired as much by The Kills, Beck or Sparklehorse, as by Junior Kimbrough and Robert Johnson, the Kids’ run the gamut of electro-blues, from haunting indie-pop tracks to wall-shaking rock, alternating vertiginous ballads and garage anthems, harsh guitars and elegant electronic arrangements.

After 3 albums in 4 years, many synch-placements in films and series, and a never-ending tour of nearly 300 concerts put on hold by a global pandemic, No Money Kids have put their contagious rhythms and melodies back to work for a new no-detours tour of life on the fringes, introducing us to a cast of sometimes troubling, unstable characters and paying tribute to the marginalized and forgotten. Their new album “Factory” iconicizes industry’s smoke-spewing factories, cathedrals of the modern world. Welders’ sparks dance to music blasting over the roar of metal in a universe where man and machine are codependent.

They say rock died the day it was put in a museum. No Money Kids electroshock it back to life in “Factory”, their ground breaking post-industrial western.

“The duo sets fire to the stage with their devastating riffs. For fans of The Kills, Royal Blood or Rival Sons!” – Rolling Stone

“They dust off the “12 bar blues” and show us that rock is not dead” – Guitarist

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