Our Corona Virus Promise

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thanks for booking bands from our roster – whether in the past or for summer 2020.

As an agency, we rely on the community of festivals and promoters who book our fantastic artists. Without you we would not have a business, we very much recognise this and we are grateful.

At the moment it seems like our world is in flux… Not knowing if events will be allowed to take place. Not knowing whether folk will buy tickets. Not knowing if artists from overseas will be able to travel. – Just generally not knowing so many things…

We want you to know what you can expect from us, at least with regard to our domestic rosters in GB and Ireland across the summer: If you have to cancel in advance because of Covid-19 restrictions or for low sales; then we will return deposits immediately. This applies to both new and existing bookings. We will happily look to reschedule or move to next year.

We hope this will help folk to continue to make bookings for this summer, in the knowledge that they will not be penalised if their event goes down. In particular where there are cancellations from overseas artists, then we can help to get them filled, even at short notice. In all cases, we also promise to get our acts to you for the best price we can.

At the end of it all, the artists on our roster want to work and the music needs to be heard.

Very best

Matt, Ian, Ethan, Pip, Henry, Scott, Andy, Willie and Billy
Midnight Mango

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