Rusty Shackle

Rusty Shackle

Welsh indie-roots six piece Rusty Shackle have been tearing up stages around the globe since 2010. Brandishing their distinct folk-roots sound armed with an electrifying mix of rampant fiddle, slick guitars, hooky mandolins and banjos melodies underpinned by tight pulsating drums and bass, they really are a force to be reckoned with.

The band have built up a devoted fanbase with their captivating feel good live shows. Their latest album “Under a Bloodshot Moon” stormed the Official UK Folk Albums Chart straight in at Number 2 with no label backing, highlighting the support of their dedicated fanbase.

‘Under A Bloodshot Moon’, is an album that features rejuvenated positive and inspiring folk music for the twenty first Century’. – Folk and Tumble

Rusty Shackle have toured extensively around the UK, Europe and USA and are mainstays on the festival circuit. They deliver excitement every time they step onstage and give everything they have to steal your heart with their music.

“They really have understood what contemporary folk music is about and aimed it for the big stage.” – Fatea Showcase Sessions

“They mine a vein of grubby, ball-waggling folk that Mumford & Sons would baulk at whilst supping champers” – live music scene

“Rusty Shackle come on like a punk Bellowhead or a poppier Pogues.” – A soundreaction

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