Sam Brookes

Sam Brookes

Sam Brookes has been down into the depths, only to re-emerge with a firm fixation on the beauty and light that can be found in the everyday. He’s been pushed through grief, loss, and heartbreak, using music as a tool to piece himself back together, and to find a forward path.

2014’s ‘Kairos’ was named one of the year’s standout recordings by the Independent, with Sunday Times acclaiming Sam as a Breaking Act. Meanwhile his soaring, multi-octave voice – often compared to Tim Buckley – stands as one of the most expressive instruments in British music. Folk-meets-jazz twisting and turning at the outer reaches of the singer-songwriter role, his music is confessional in the most explicit way – and new album ‘Black Feathers’ is as honest as it gets.

“There is something of a Tim Buckley about Sam Brookes…a sense of powerful fragility…vast emotional reserves at work.” – The Independent ****

“Musically (Sam Brookes’) excels at propulsive, narratively rick folk, delivered in a soaring, clear-as-a-bell singing voice that makes every word of his evocative lyrics count.” – Sunday Times ***

“Like many before him, Brookes is moving into Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver territory… Unlike most of those aspirants, though, he sounds uncommonly at home there.” – Uncut Magazine

“A sensuous, fluid 21 Century Folk dream.” – Neil McCormick (The Daily Telegraph)

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