SWINGROWERS are an accomplished four-piece band from Palermo in Sicily; Loredana Grimaudo (vocals), Roberto Costa (production), Alessio Costagliola (guitar) and Ciro Pusateri (saxophone). Known for their string of catchy singles, albums and EPs as well as their live shows, the band have done official remixes for platinum selling artists like Caro Emerald (Grandmono) and Millie Smalls (Island Records) and have toured with bands as the likes of Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar. They’ve Also toured North America, Europe, Japan, India and have performed at hundreds of festivals around the world including 2 Sold out shows at Blue Note Tokyo.

THE SWINGROWERS’ sound ranges from jazz to hip-hop, electronica to gypsy swing but has been steadily evolving since their debut into a unique vintage-inspired pop. The first album, PRONOUNCED SWING’GROWERS (2012), was largely a sample-based affair which was to eventually characterise the electro swing genre. This was followed by the single QUEEN OF SWING (2013) with London-based brass section and producers Gypsy Hill. 2013 also saw the start of the series of cover versions that became the DO NOT COVER EP (2014) which included the band’s interpretation of Paolo Conte’s Italian classic VIA CON ME. Follow-up album REMOTE (2014) featured singles THAT’S RIGHT! and MIDNIGHT.

With more than 20 Millions views on YouTube and a hectic touring schedule, the band have settled into their current incarnation and following on from the success of the single BUTTERFLY (2017) they released their 3rd full length album OUTSIDEIN in February 2018 through Freshly Squeezed.

Swingrowers are one of the most exciting rising talents within the retro music scene and ‘a band maturing at a rapid pace’ – TimeOut UK

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