Different contracts for different shows


Our general contract template doesn’t work perfectly for all types of shows. It’s important to be sensitive to purchasers’ needs and understanding whilst at the same time insisting that contracts are signed and adhered to. To address this we have developed a number of different types of contract templates.

The contract signatories and their “skin in the game”

Woman with tattoos playing cards

It’s really important we consider the two parties of a show contract and how that relates to who is responsible for delivering and paying for a show. In this post I unpick that and discuss the importance of getting the thing signed!

The deal memo is dead – Long live the contract!

Deal-memo and glasses

In this post I go into what we deliver to the purchaser when we confirm a show. I’ll touch on the contract, the invoice and the artists rider. Furthermore, I discuss why a deal-memo is a total waste of time and if anything, lays the agent open to mistakes.

Show contracts and why we always issue them

What is a contract? What constitutes a contract? When should promoters sign a contract? Why do we even need contracts?

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