Becoming the expert


In this article I discuss the need for small venues to become skilled at delivering new streaming technology and how this will benefit them in attracting promoters and artists to their stages.

I Like Busking But…


I like busking, but throwing up another front room performance with a digital tip jar is digital busking and there is only so much busking I can take before it becomes tiresome. In this article I propose small venues are going to need to work in both the physical and the digital space to survive.

Touring In The Digital Space

The industry is flapping around like wounded seal in a roiling sea of digital streaming platforms. In this article, I highlight how one roots promoter has retained their brand and is streaming ticketed shows to their core audience and how this has opened up the possibility of touring digitally at the small venue level.

I haven’t felt like this since I was a promoter!

In this blog post I briefly chart Midnight Mango’s journey from promoter to agency. I reflect on how the current coronavirus pandemic reminds me of the financial volatility of being a promoter. If nothing else, it’s healthy to be reminded of that!

The Day The Music Died

In this blog post, I briefly discuss the crazy events leading up to lock-down and how we, at Midnight Mango, reacted as booking agents in the live music industry. What a truly insane time to be alive and tho it seems like we have been descending into this vortex for a lifetime, it only actually started a couple of months ago!

If it weren’t for Joe Strummer!

Joe Strummer moved to a village near my home town of Bridgwater, Somerset in the early 2000s. I didn’t know it then, but it was to have a profound effect on the direction of my life from then on.

Our Corona Virus Promise

This is an open letter to all festival programmers, venue owners and promoters who we work with. In it, I express solidarity in these desperate times and outline where we can help.

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