Music Business Conferences

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Music Business Conferences form an integral part of a typical booking agent’s calendar. They provide an opportunity for agents to meet talent buyers face to face, show-case artists, learn from industry leaders and generally have a good time away from home. Fun it may be, but it is still very much work!

Show Deals – VAT

Neon Tax

In this post, I get under the bonnet of the dreaded VAT. There are not many people who are fascinated by the intricate workings of VAT – but booking agents need to have a reasonable understanding so they can quote their artists correctly and spot an incorrect settlement.

Show Deals – An Overview

Percentage balloons

What it says on the tin! In this post we go through the five most common types of deals that music booking agents strike with promoters. Agents need to know when to use each type of deal and understand what they mean for their artists’ income.

Booking & settling a one-off show

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In this post I’ll take you through the process of taking a one-off show through from its beginning to its end. It could be a festival, a ticketed show or a private event. It could also be a workshop.

Pitching for a show

Record Shop

As an agent, you will frequently find yourself pitching to talent buyers. More often than not this will start with an email. In this post we look at good practice when it comes to writing pitch emails and how we can attract attention.

What we do and what we don’t do

Job description

Different agencies offer different services. So when an artist joins an agency, whether it is for the first time or from another agency, it is really important that they understand what services the agency offers and what the artist and their management need to organise themselves.

Different contracts for different shows


Our general contract template doesn’t work perfectly for all types of shows. It’s important to be sensitive to purchasers’ needs and understanding whilst at the same time insisting that contracts are signed and adhered to. To address this we have developed a number of different types of contract templates.

Contract Clauses Part 4

Small print

This post mostly deals with the cancellation clause. It’s a biggy and probably the one that most promoters go to first.

Contract Clauses Part 3

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This post wades through the next clutch of clauses. Highlights are what happens with respect to tax for foreign artists and how national advertising contributions are dealt with.

Contract Clauses Part 2

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In this post we continue our journey through our contract clauses, focussing on some key, yet somewhat obvious clauses.

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