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The Lagan

Beer-soaked London Irish folk punk: a rough blend of hard-hitting street punk and melodic dance-til-you-drop folk music.

\ LAG-uhn \ , noun;
1. Anything sunk in the sea, but attached to a buoy or the like so that it may be recovered.
2. A river in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
3. A rowdy, drunken celtic punk band based in London.

Forming in 2008 as a “[mal]function” band that would go and play drunken folk songs at parties in exchange for some booze, The Lagan became something of an urban myth: a potentially great band that was only held back by the fact that they didn’t rehearse, and didn’t have any songs, and didn’t play any shows.

Cue a drunken trip to the USA in 2009 (see “Sunny Day In Southie” on their debut album for a more detailed account) where they saw London’s own Biblecode Sundays perform in a Boston bar. It became clear what had to be done, and those friends who could wield instruments were dragged from their local boozer in Kingston-Upon-Thames and assembled to form a mighty racket and overall, to have fun.

The Lagan released their debut album ‘Where’s Your Messiah Now?’ in March 2013 on Banquet Records, which made it to #3 in the UK Record Store Album Chart… And then sank.

Ever since, they have embarked on epic tours across land and sea, making new friends, having fun, and usually, quite drunk indeed.

“This music is made for dancing, singing and having a great time…If you like bands such as The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly then The Lagan are a band you need to check out.” – Colin’s Punk Rock World, live review April 2016

“Mongrel brilliance… Mumford and c**ting Sons would kill to achieve something like this.” – Punk Prospect

“Cranked up to 11, the brash guitar riffs amplified the traditional Irish folk sound so well that I don’t think there was a single person stood still.” – Yorkshire Evening Post

“The Lagan’s knack for reinventing tradition in its own authentic and insouciant style elucidates how very capable and likeable the lads are when putting their own spin on things…So bloody good I got the urge to sing along and grab myself a can of Guinness from the the fridge after just a few minutes of listening.” – Louder Than War”

“Utterly, utterly impossible to dislike… this is the musical equivalent of ten straight pints of liquid craic.” – Two Beats Off

“Gripped me from start to finish… One heck of an amazing release. 10/10” – Soundscape Magazine

“Catchy tunes, thoughtful lyrics and an abundance of beer swigging will have you jigging around the room and forgetting any troubles previously held.” – Punk Online

“This is sing-along Celtic punk at its best; brashy, cocky and with a little bit of that ‘Last Gang in Town’ mentality that goes back to the early days of punk.” – Shite ‘n’ Onions

“A band which, mark my words, will go far.” – Punk.ie

“Raucous, rousing celtic punk that you just want to drink beer and dance to!“ – Susy Radio

“Truly got the party started.” – Alreadyheard.com

“This song is awesome.” – Dyingscene.com

“They’re shite.” – some lady down the pub

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