The Velveteers

The Velveteers

The Velveteers are an American Rock trio from Denver, Colorado that is the epiphany of punk with the aggressive sound and grungy wisdom that transcends through 21 year old guitarist and lead singer Demi Demitro and her two drummers. Through fuzzed out guitar riffs and thunderous drums they lure their audience with vibes that come right out of a classic horror flick, the band is often compared to the likes of The Stooges, T.REX, and Led Zeppelin.

In 2018 the band released their self-titled debut EP and have since been busy on the road touring. The Velveteers have supported bands such as Julian Casablancas and The Voidz, Deap Vally, Chicano Batman, and CFM to name a few. Most recently The Velveteers completed their first UK headlining tour after previously supporting Deap Vally in the UK back in 2016. The Velveteers are currently getting ready to record their first LP in 2019.

They began as a sibling duo with Demi Demitro on guitar at age 17, and brother John on drums. Whilst the world has seen a succession of drum guitar duos come and go since Meg and Jack started doing their thing, The Velveteers managed to exploit a loophole that allows them to explore their obvious love of 70’s prog and glam, as well as indulging later punk influences. More recently they have added a second drummer in the form of Adrian Pottersmith (age 20), and in doing so have created something completely unique, not least through the way in which their two kits have been partly morphed together. The two sticks men now not only conjoin to create the rhythms but are also forced to share cymbals. The result is an aggressive primal sound, a thundering syncopation that spars against Demi’s vocals and distorted guitar for attention, and produces a listening experience like being slammed by a ten ton truck.

“Whilst John and Adrian are alternately synchronising and deviating on the skins Demi is growling and writhing like a dervish on acid, her Plant-like corkscrews strangely reminiscent of those creatures from Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy album cover.” – David Auckland

“There is something tremendously special about this band and, in particular, their frontwoman Demi Demitro. At only 19, the talented singer and guitarist has more talent and magnetism than any of us mere mortals could hope for.” — Brittany Werges, 303 Magazine

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