Town of Cats

Town of Cats

Town of Cats are an ever-mutating municipality of musical misfits, grown in Brighton’s grubby and fertile Petri dish. To hear them is to be transported by the transformative power of the best parties. The ones that set fire to your zero-hour contract and remind you that change, real change, can come from the most ordinary of places. 

Wordplay careens between raised-brow punnage and righteous indignation at the state of the nation. Funk rhythms dare you not to dance, coloured by boiling blasts of brass and a guitar that warps from crystalline chicken-scratch to face-melting prog. Whether the keys belong to some sleazy lounge act or the Mothers of Invention is up for debate. 

Town of Cats started as a winking, whimsical set of backstreet fables. They’ve coalesced into a battle-hardened groove and a well-worn but vital message: when we stand together, we break down walls.

‘The band mange to capture such incredible energy through their full throttle performance and if the audience were lounging around on our sofas at the opening of their set by song two their all up and dancing and responding to incredible energy the band give off.’ – Alba Torriset, Peoples Front Room

‘Town of Cats where incredible at Nozstock: The Hidden Valley this year! They had the audience in the palm of their hands and brought nothing but the best vibes to our beloved Garden Stage! They can come back anytime.’ – Ben Peer, programmer for Nozstock festival

‘Master Blasters! Town of Cats are the best festival band EVER!! Prepare to dance!’ – Constance Dalrymple, Artistic Director of Mandrea Festival

‘They absolutely smashed it! So much so that a member from the headline act was heard to say, “ how the [email protected]!? Do you follow that”!? ToC rule!!!’– Colin Holton, programmer for the village in, Larmer Tree festival

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