Akram Abdulfattah

Akram Abdulfattah (1990) is a young Palestinian-American violin master who combines jazz with middle eastern and Indian music. Akram’s style creates a world of fusion music that is influenced by Hindu, Turkish, and Persian styles, reflecting the rich legacy and culture of oriental sounds in a modernized fashion.

In 2023, his multinational 5 piece group, (Palestine/Sweden/Italy/Greece/UK) visited the UK for the first time, with highlights being his debut London show at Rich Mix, and festival appearances at Knockengorroch and Cambridge Folk. With a new album due for release in 2024, further UK and European visits are currently being planned.

Akram’s talent received national and international recognition as he formed the youngest Palestinian musical quartet, won prestigious awards and engaged in various international and cross-culture projects, most significantly the Marcel Khalifa Competition, and the National Music Competition for Ensembles.

Between 2009 and 2013, Akram played in almost all of the major Palestinian music projects and participated in several international concerts. He collaborated with respected musicians like Simon Shaheen, Bassam Saba, Kamil Shajrawu, Yousef Hbeich, and performed with singers and pop artists from Palestine and from the Arab world including Mohammed Assaf, Dalal Abu Amny, Nai Barghouthi, Sanaa Mousa, Asalah Nasri, Elham Madfa’e, and Hani Mitwasi. During these years, Akram participated in multiple prestigious international festivals and events in Sweden, North Africa, USA, Lebanon, Arab Gulf, and collaborated with several pop artists on instrumental projects. This eventful period of Akram’s career culminated in touring with Mohammed Assaf as a violin soloist (2013-2015), during which he also composed and recorded Awan’s first album (2014).

In 2016 Akram decided to take a break from the pop and classical music in order to focus fully on achieving his goal of transforming music to a universal language of love, peace, and justice. As an independent artist, he had to overcome several challenges inherent in an underdeveloped Palestinian instrumental music field that lacked resources and infrastructure. In the same year Akram composed and recorded Jawa; his first fusion album in collaboration with musicians from Sweden and Palestine, introducing an elegant mixture of Pop, Jazz, and modern and classic Arabic music.

Inspired by his love for the Carnatic violinist L. Shankar, Akram made a journey to the far East in 2018 to further refine his music style and combine elements of the Indian music in the Arabic music. This journey led to Akram collaborating with various international artists including Sukkanya Ramgopal, Ambi Subramaniam, Joy Sarkar (India West Bengal) HK Vankatram (India) Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Turkey), and Brian Kean (USA). In the same year, Akram formed the Monologue Music Ensemble with musicians from India, Sweden, and USA, and produced his second cross-cultural album. In 2019, Akram formed the Sirat Trio; an Indo-Arab Instrumental trio in collaboration with Mandola Joy and Rupak Dhamankar.

“A truly gifted violinist, with agility, virtuosity, and a deep spiritual and emotional connection. His music is rooted in Middle Eastern traditions, but his musicality extends way beyond geographical boundaries.” – Brian Keane Multiple Emmy winning composer, renown guitarist, and Grammy winning producer (USA)

“Wonderful feeling listening to this creative Music by brilliant Akram Abdulfattah. No doubt, “From Here” displays his Creativity & virtuosity with a fine blend of different genres.” – Dr.Manjunath Mysore, Indian violin master (India)

“In “From Here” Music, talented Akram Abdulfattah is striding confidently toward his own sound, both as a violinist and as a composer” – Simon Shaheen, Palestinian composer, Oud and Violin Virtuoso

“Last song of the year”, was enough to feel his great, happy and easy flowing masterful spirit, beside the marvelous arrangement, Akram is a gifted soul! – Omar Faruk Tekbilek Acclaimed Sufi Turkish virtuous and Composer

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