Midnight Mango has a clear vision…

Midnight Mango has a clear vision for each of their artists and implement that vision on a local level in many markets through detail-oriented and dedicated work. It is always a pleasure do work with them on artists of their eclectic

Oliver Hoppe and Lisa Schwartz

A long-term and reliable relation…

With Midnight Mango we have found an efficient and professional agency to develop international acts in our territory. The results are achieved by their daily hard work, which has created a long-term and reliable

Omar Suller

An approachable music agency…

Midnight Mango are an approachable music agency who provide an excellent choice of artists. We have worked with them for a number of years and would recommend them to other festival bookers. They are easy to deal with and happy to help – which always makes it

Chris McCormack

super-efficient and great fun…

“We love Midnight Mango! We work with them on our line-ups for Wilderness and Abergavenny Food Festivals, they’ve got such a great roster of bands and Pip, Ethan and the team are super-efficient and great fun to work

Max Walker

Resourceful, proactive and enthusiastic…

We have found Midnight Mango to be resourceful, proactive and enthusiastic team players – vital ingredients when building artist’s

Rick Blaskley

Up there with the most trusted…

Glovebox deals with many booking agencies and Midnight Mango are up there with the most trusted, flexible and fun to work with. They’ve a great roster of acts that they obviously care about and are never out to ask unreasonable fees from promoters. We LOVE

Ade Phillips

Ability to think beyond the industry standard…

Midnight Mango are an incredible agency with a proactive team that I thoroughly enjoy working with and they have served us well for a while now. Their ability to think beyond the industry standard and tailor live packages to an individual artist with consideration for medium to long term marketing makes them a dream to work with. You can’t beat people that are willing to get up and work hard every

Paul Baylay
25 Media

Midnight Mango have a fantastic attention to detail…

One Inch Badge has booked talent with Midnight Mango for many years and our experience of working with Matt, Ethan, Pip and the team has always a very positive and enjoyable one. Midnight Mango have a fantastic attention to detail for their artists and through Matt’s past experience as a promoter himself he also understands the requirements of the promoter and as such our dealings have always been fair and honest which goes a long way in this industry. I hope we continue to work with Midnight Mango for many years to

Alex Murray

Their acts are superb…

If you ever want to start a festival a good start would be to book Midnight Mango’s roster. Their acts are superb, as an agency they are easy to deal with and the agents have integrity, honesty and a superb knowledge of what would fit for

Conleth Maenpaa

Their rosters have a fine and varied selection of quality acts…

We have worked with Midnight Mango for many years now with regard to booking artists for Knockengorroch music festival, and will be very happy to continue our relationship with them for years to come. Their rosters have a fine and varied selection of quality acts, their staff are always friendly and helpful and our dealings with them have always been straightforward and

Liz Holmes

Good people all round…

It’s only ever been a pleasure dealing with the lovely folk at Midnight Mango. Good people all

Lee Burges

A cool and top reliable partner…

I’d only work with Midnight Mango since summer 2019 but my impression of experience is that MM is a cool and top reliable

Jesper Kemp

A properly independent agency…

A properly independent agency who care passionately about their artists, whilst working in a constructive & collaborative way with promoters. A pleasure to deal

Anton Lockwood

It’s a real pleasure to work with Midnight Mango.

These guys are as much professional & reactive as they are cool. Always attentive to feedback from partners – with a kindly way of working. The Aim: make a good job. The Result: you don’t want to deceive them, and you must put the best tours as you can. It’s a real pleasure to work with Midnight Mango. Simple et efficaces, comme on les

Sylvain Nguyen

Professional and friendly…

Midnight Mango are a professional and friendly music agency who are at the top of their game, providing an excellent choice of artists to suit a plethora of live music events. They are easy to deal with and happy to help which goes a long way in this industry. I would absolutely recommend using

Caitlin Barrett

Midnight Mango have consistently delivered…

A diligent, well-connected agent, who is prepared to hustle and be creative, is worth their wait in gold. In my experience, that has been precisely what the team at Midnight Mango have consistently

Tim Ferrone

Always straight forward…

As independent promoters, we deal with many different booking agents on a weekly basis. Working with Midnight Mango is always straight forward, the team are well organised and very friendly, with all bookings follow the same format of scheduling which is clear and easy to

Kev and Sally Bailey

Straightforward to negotiate with…

Midnight Mango are one of our favourite agencies to work with. They have a world-class roster and are straightforward to negotiate

Dean Kingston

Completely committed…

The whole team at Midnight Mango are always great to work with, completely committed to their artists and very pro active on their

Juliet Wills

More mangos and a lot less lemons!

Spring Gathering (Bearded Theory) has been booking bands off Midnight Mango for over a decade. We have always found them to be the positive side of the agency business and have always been tremendously helpful getting acts booked without the fuss, drama and arrogance you can receive with other agents. We love working with them and it would be a much nicer music world if we had a few more mangos and a lot less

Richard Bryan

Organised, diligent and passionate…

It’s always a pleasure dealing with Midnight Mango. They’re very organised, diligent and passionate agents, that we love working with! And long may it

Ed Pearson

Great service from Midnight Mango…

We always get a great service from Midnight Mango. They choose their artists well and are really supportive and passionate about them. They are a pleasure to work with and hope to do so for many years to

Patrick Cunningham

Consummate pros…

It’s always a great experience to work with the Midnight Mango team – a collection of consummate pros, with a great roster to

Laurie Reese

I love to work with the Midnight Mango team…

I love to work with the Midnight Mango team because we can exchange ideas, strategies directly with simplicity to find the best way for the bands to be developed in France. I have an attentive and caring ear, associated with real professional competence, that make it a real pleasure to work with a company on a human scale. I hope to have a lot of plans to continue building

Lydia Férmaux

It’s great to see them going from strength to strength.  

Congratulations to all the Midnight Mango team on winning Agency of the Year at the UK Festival Awards 2019! Lovely to see this award go to an independent agency specialising in roots music. A great bunch, they’ve helped bring many great acts to Avalon and it’s great to see them going from strength to

Eddie Barcan

Midnight Mango are amongst the best to deal with…

As a festival organizer, I deal with lots of music agents and managers and I can honestly say Midnight Mango are amongst the best to deal with. They are an outfit who know their musicians personally and strive to get the best experience for both artists and promoters. “We are all in this together” and Midnight Mango seems to have a passion and understand the necessity of live music in our

Andrew Thomas

They also have a great roster of bands…

I have been coming to Midnight Mango now for quite a few years, and have always found them to be very helpful and supportive to our events. They also have a great roster of bands and musicians on their books! Their bands never fail to entertain, and it is always a pleasure to liaise with the staff at the

Michele Pethers

Operate with integrity and fairness…

We have worked with Midnight Mango for many years for all our festival programming. They have an instinct for good quality and emerging talent and they work hard for their artists to get them in front of promoters. They only ever suggest relevant performers for our various festivals, they are efficient and they operate with integrity and fairness. Midnight Mango always has the relevant information on their represented talent available for download by the promoters from photos to tech specs, making life easier for bookers. I would recommend them to both promoters and artists looking for a great music agency

Marina Blore

The whole Midnight Mango team are brilliant…

“The whole Midnight Mango team are brilliant – on the ball, helpful, with a well-balanced roster. I generally end up with several of their acts on my

Si Ford

Top people to work with…

Midnight Mango has a knack at finding the best Festival bands and making it easy to book them.  They have a built a great team of agents that are friendly, realistic in there expectation and understand the industry.  Top people to work with and always present a strong

Joe Heap

Terrific booking agents…

‘Midnight Mango are terrific booking agents who understand and empathise with the challenges of being a promoter, they are agents who build strong relationships and as such are highly respected across the live

Brian Reynolds

Definitely one of my favourite agencies!

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Midnight Mango team. There’s always something of interest across their diverse roster, I appreciate the effective and helpful way they promote their talent, the hassle free way they deal with their clients, and their patience when I’m slow to respond. Definitely one of my favourite

Hugh Phillimore

A well-deserved winner of ‘Best Agency 2019’…

Midnight Mango are a joy to work with. They are approachable, flexible and professional with an excellent range of high quality, international artists for any genre or event. The agents understand the needs of the event industry and their artists and are always available on the other end of the phone for advice. A well-deserved winner of ‘Best Agency 2019’ at the UK Festival

Pete Nozworthy

All hail Midnight Mango!

I’ve always been very impressed with the agents at Midnight Mango; they are a credit to Matt.  They have a good ear for great music; they conduct themselves with complete professionalism and represent their artists very well. They are one of the first agencies I recommend when asked by artists and managers – who’s hot and who’s not? It’s a pleasure to do business with them and to have got to know the guys over the past years. All hail Midnight

Bev Burton

One of the friendliest agencies to deal with…

I have to say that Midnight Mango have got to be one of the friendliest agencies to deal with, and that goes a long way with

Andy Jones

A clear vision for their roster…

Midnight Mango have a clear vision for their roster of acts, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. They work tirelessly to help develop live careers and achieve the best for their artists. Highly

David Adcock

This relationship will only strengthen…

Ireby Festival has worked in association with Midnight Mango for some years.  It has been our pleasure to engage with excellent artists that have been a great success at our festival and ensured the high standard of music is maintained. This relationship will only

Charles Payne

Creative ideas and options…

I’ve always found working with Midnight Mango straight forward and timely. I should actually say collaborating with instead of working, as they always come to the conversation with loads of creative ideas and options. They seem to really understand the needs and artistic direction and how they can help serve both their artists and the

Baylen Leonard

They bat really hard for their artists…

Midnight Mango are a real ‘get stuck in and get your hands dirty’ booking agency. Passionate and ambitious, great attention to detail, and really nice people to boot! They bat really hard for their artists, get the results and you can’t ask for more than

James Cassidy

Amazing attention to detail….

Midnight Mango is a great boutique agency with amazing attention to detail. Would recommend them to

Oli James
Cynical Management

It’s great to work with a team who really care…

Midnight Mango goes out and make things happen, they don’t sit on their phones waiting for others to put the work in and then react. Matt and his team are in constant contact overflowing with ideas and suggestions; it’s great to work with a team who really

Barry Campbell
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