Beautiful Mechanica

With a sonic that echoes the dream space of Cocteau twins fused with the dark romance of Suede and Placebo, Beautiful Mechanica focus on melody and power to create an exciting and thrilling live experience.

Now in its second incarnation, Beautiful Mechanica comprises of founder Graham Sampson, Dougal Clunie, Ian Medany, Steve Bellamy, and Warren Farr.

Over the course of some 30 shows, Beautiful Mechanica have supported Heaven 17, Big Country, Jesus Jones, A Flock of Seagulls, Spear of Destiny, Chrysta Bell, Toyah, The Primitives, The Woodentops and Martin Rev.

As well as live work and digital music releases, singer Graham Sampson has provided music for independent film makers and has a focus on his work’s placement in film and television.

In 2018, Graham’s work was prestigiously invited into the British Library Sound Archive for permanent record of songwriters of this age and in 2019 Graham’s music was featured in the short independent film “Dandelions” by Alina Portnova.

“I can definitely hear an influence of 80’s synth bands and Bowie in there and what’s not nice about that. Favourite tracks for me are Life After Time and Swans” – Stephen Street, Producer of The Smiths & Blur

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