Introducing Duo Ruut

🎉 New Signing: Duo Ruut!

Now booking for the UK and Republic of Ireland!

Duo Ruut’s (Ann-Lisett Rebane, Katariina Kivi) sound ties together a single Estonian zither and two distinct voices. Inspired by the Estonian heritage, they draw influence from both the beliefs of different cultures and their own contemporary and emotive songwriting. Their music is minimalist at its core but packed with new and imaginative ideas.

In a short period of time Duo Ruut has already toured at prestigious festivals in more than 20 countries around the world. Their music has been supported by international media, including MOJO, KEXP, BBC, FIP, RFI, Culturebox TV France, Songlines etc.

For all booking enquiries please contact Rich Q: [email protected]

Watch/listen: https://youtu.be/7-Kpt0fFgME

Discover more: https://www.midnightmango.co.uk/duo-ruut/

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