Dolly Mavies

Dolly Mavies captivates with her genre-defying fusion of Alternative Indie and Folk Rock. Igniting listeners with sparks of the vivacity of her live performances, uniting audiences in a profound exploration of life’s highs and lows. Her songs embody struggle, all-consuming love, the fragility of life, and challenging adversity. Drawing influences from The National, and Patti Smith, Mavies’ songs feel like an old friend, a new lover, and those feelings you’d pushed to the back of your mind.

Dolly’s music transcends both eras and genres, evoking the spirit of classic rock with a contemporary twist. Drawing parallels to luminaries like Joni Mitchell, Florence + The Machine, Daughter, and Fleetwood Mac, her tracks resonate with integrity and substance, leaving a lasting impact. Backed by her exceptionally talented band, Dolly Mavies captains on an exhilarating sonic journey, inviting her listeners to immerse themselves in her spellbinding narratives. She’s not just an artist; she’s a compelling storyteller whose music offers an enchanting passage to the heart of the human experience.

“You can hear quality as soon as she starts. She has a beautiful essence to her vocal, a natural energy, it’s not forced in any way, it feels so heartfelt and genuine and quite a personal touch” – Danielle Perry, Absolute Radio

“We love what she’s doing” – Whispering Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“She’s one of my favourites. Her music is breathtakingly atmospheric” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

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