Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost embodies the shared spirit of two separate souls.

Tim Noyes (singer, songwriter) and Eddie Byun (multi-instrumentalist, producer) commune in a creative call-and-response, answering each other’s personal and musical confessions, thoughts, and questions sonically.

Underpinned by these two perspectives, the music tempers otherworldly production with organic performances, rustic instrumentation with raw production, and nostalgic warmth with future-facing wonder.

After amassing tens of millions of streams and receiving widespread acclaim from American Songwriter, Culture Collide, TALKHOUSE, Variance, and more, the Massachusetts duo continue to explore the intricacies of their artistic bond and friendship on their third full-length offering and Nettwerk Music Group debut.

A chorus that will surely be sung by their audiences – NYLON

Handsome Ghost manages to revive its beloved folk aesthetic with appreciable sincerity – American Songwriter

Enchanting and catchy with stunning harmonies, staying with you long after listening – Glide Magazine

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