Introducing Caoilfhionn Rose

🎉 New Signing: Caoilfhionn Rose!

Now booking for everywhere except North America!

Manchester’s Caoilfhionn Rose has come of age as an artist, digging deep to find experimental new ways of expressing her wonder at nature’s beauty, her love of music in all its diversity, and her belief in the restorative powers that both afford in the troubled post-COVID world.

Vigorous, searching and ever-curious, Caoilfhionn has found a voice at once ancient and modern, intrepidly exploring contemporary technology to transform traditional songcraft for the mid-2020’s.

For all booking enquiries please contact Marv: [email protected]

Discover more: https://www.midnightmango.co.uk/caoilfhionn-rose/

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