Joe and Yazid Join Midnight Mango

We’re delighted to welcome 2 new agents to our team: Joe Frampton who comes to us with a focus on contemporary guitar-based genres and Yazid Sadi who’s experience lies with Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) music.

Some of the artists Joe represents include: Nature TV, Dingus Khan, and Echo Town  and some artists Yazid represents include: Ghalia Benali.

Joe says: I am so proud to be a part of the team at Midnight Mango. It is my first formal job in the music industry and at every step the team have been incredibly supportive. I can’t wait to build a career here and I hope I can repay MM for the faith they put in me!’

Yazid says: ‘After a long journey as a musician, tour manager, and event producer, it is finally a pleasure to take that valuable experience into the award-winning booking agency Midnight Mango. I’m grateful for their patient training and the effective tools they have provided to book musicians from the MENA region into Europe and the wider world’

We’re really thrilled to be working with both Joe and Yazid and see our roster of both agents and artist continue to grow!

See Joe’s roster HERE and Yazid’s HERE.

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