KILLABEATMAKER, a Colombian DJ, Producer, and Singer-Songwriter, is renowned for his unique fusion of Pan African rhythms like Afrobeat and Amapiano with South American Indigenous music, encapsulated within the context of urban and global club sounds. The Live-Set show, featuring three musicians on stage—Guadalupe Giraldo on drums and Indigenous flutes, Julian Ramirez on percussion and backing vocals, and KILLABEATMAKER himself—creates a grooving and mystical experience. His energetic performances include beatboxing, rapping, singing, and electrifying DJ beats.

Having embarked on three tours across Europe and participated in festivals in the USA, KILLABEATMAKER has also showcased his talents at prestigious music conferences such as WOMEX 2023, BIME 2022, BOMM 2022, CIRCULART 2022, and SIM São Paulo 2019. He earned a Latin Grammy nomination in 2014 for co-producing and sound engineering a project that received acclaim from Nickelodeon TV.

His EP “Matiela Suto” released in early 2021, garnered widespread attention, being featured by renowned broadcasters and showcased on various media platforms, including Pan African Music and Okay Africa. The positive reception led to over 50,000 reproductions in under two months. Currently, KILLABEATMAKER has released a new impactful EP titled “UKUN” and is set to embark on a European tour following his participation in WOMEX 2023. Anticipated for the upcoming summer are performances at numerous significant festivals worldwide.

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