Kyle and Nick Join Midnight Mango

Midnight Mango are excited to welcome Kyle Wilson (left) and Nick Hallam (right) to the team as two of our latest booking agents!

Some of the artists Kyle represents include: Maranta, The Gil Scott-Heron Songbook, and The Fontanas,  and some artists Nick represents include: The Dave Simpson Trio, The Irish House Party,and Kings & Bears.

Kyle says: ‘It’s great to be joining the team at Midnight Mango as an agent! I’ve had the pleasure of working in the music industry for the last 14 years as a freelance promoter, programmer, radio presenter, manager, booking agent and live logistics. Joining MM this year was a great move and it’s lovely to be part of a larger and supportive team. I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my roster and working with the talented humans that make live music happen.

Nick says: ‘My whole life has revolved around music of every imaginable genre as a performer, in marketing and pr, as a programmer and now, as an agent.  My real passion is to help great artists to be seen by as many people as possible and for their careers flourish and I can’t think of any better agency to do this through than the brilliant ‘machine’ of Midnight Mango.’

We’re really thrilled to be working with both Kyle and Nick and see our roster of both agents and artist continue to grow!

See Kyle’s roster HERE and Nick’s HERE.

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