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My first effort at doing my blog as a vlog! So if you wondered what I look and sound like – and you really wanted to see the inside of my bedroom – you can do that right here!

Or you can read the transcript below.

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So today’s the day when the pubs come back, now you can get your haircut and a whole load of other things besides. Live music isn’t back yet but venues can show things that can be projected on a screen. So now we have some more options open to us.

Readers of this blog will know that I have been talking the talk a lot about streamed live content – so it’s really time to start walking the walk. This is what we have going on at Midnight Mango

Streaming from home

Last night Elles Bailey performed from home for a streamed event that was promoted by The Live Room in Saltaire. The deal was a 70/30 split in the artist’s favour and tickets were £10. The Live Room’s virtual shows are available to anyone anywhere but the promoter markets their shows most effectively to the local audience who are loyal to the venue. These punters trust the promoters, Ron & Hilary, to programme good music. The audience watched the performance live and it is available for ticket buyers to watch for a week afterwards.

Elles will have made new fans last night and she definitely made a decent income. We will commission the artist’s fee!

Elles Bailey - Press Shot - Website - Credit Alan Dunkley

Streaming from a studio

We have a short-notice streamed show with an artist called Wille Edwards who is the singer with Wille & The Bandits. The tickets went on sale last Thursday and the performance is this Thursday. So we only have one week to sell those tickets. We priced tickets at £7 pls booking fee. We are doing a 70/30 split with the studio. The marketing is largely down to Wille through his social channels and newsletter. Wille will drive to White Noise Studio in Weston Super Mare next Thursday, where his performance will be broadcasted from several angles and mixed in real-time. We are using a revolutionary new platform which has great security. Each ticket buyer can only view the ticket on one device. The platform makes its income from the booking fee for the ticket.

Since it is only the artist doing the marketing, this will likely only connect with people who are already fans. The customer will have to tune in at the time of the performance to watch it.  We will commission the artist’s fee!

Wille and the Bandits - Credit Yann Charles

Streaming from a venue:

We have a full production show at Bath Komedia with Mad Dog Mcrea in mid-August. This will be a big stage with full lights, and seven camera angles with an ultra hi-def video stream. There won’t be a live audience in the venue because it will be too soon – but there could be!. In this case, the venue is covering their costs first from ticket sales, then the rest of the revenue is split. The show was originally booked as a real-life show and was going to be promoted by Fuelled By Cider. I kept them in place as promoters to market the virtual show for us and will pay them 20% of the split for their work.

The promoter’s marketing will get the message out more efficiently than if it were just the band doing it. This promoter also promotes festivals, so the message should get to folk who are not already fans of the band as well as their regular fan base. We will commission the artist’s fee!

Mad Dog Mcrea

That’s just three actual events where we are getting things rolling. Three different approaches to virtual events. All viable. There are many others and I’ll be introducing you to some other projects we are working on at Midnight Mango over the coming weeks.


Please do send me a comment or ask any questions below – I’d like to hear from you!

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