‘Midnight Mango EDI Presents’ – Autumn 2023 Programme

We’re delighted to unveil our new ‘Midnight Mango EDI Presents’ Autumn programme.

We’ve hosted a ‘Meet the Expert’ series since January 2021 in which we invite an industry guest in on the first Friday of each month. The guest typically delivers a talk to employees and artists about their role in the industry.

The new format of these sessions is ‘Midnight Mango EDI Presents’ and it is curated by the our newly formed EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) group. We will introduce guests who can offer unique insights and experiences within the music industry. These talks are also open to all people in the industry, including those outside of Midnight Mango.

The sessions will include talks from Christina Hazboun: Keychange Project Manager (UK), Michelle Duffy: Senior Publicist at Halestorm PR, Sara Silver: Head of European Operations at Thirty Tigers, and Volunteering, Accessibility and Crew Wellbeing Consultant, Alli Scott, who has worked with Green Man and Glastonbury festivals.

The programme is as follows:


Friday 1st September Christina Hazboun Keychange Keychange and the Pledge for Gender Equity and Diversity Within the Music Industry Meeting Link
Friday 6th October Michelle Duffy Halestorm PR Michelle Duffy, Senior Publicist, discusses Halestorm PR Meeting Link
Friday 3rd November Sara Silver Thirty Tigers Sara Silver, Head of European Operations, discusses Thirty Tigers Meeting Link
Friday 1st December Alli Scott Accessibility and Crew Wellbeing Consultant Crew Accessibility and Wellbeing in the UK festival industry Meeting Link

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