In his live performances, Nasiri, the renowned international multi-instrumentalist and producer, takes audiences on a sensory-rich world music voyage, fusing oriental instruments like the oud, flute, and clarinet with an electronic foundation, featuring deep bass lines, rhythmic synths and organic percussion.

Presenting a live music performance that can take many forms, from packed night clubs to summer festivals, from exclusive resorts to historical locations, grand concert halls and art exhibitions. Sometimes collaborating with dancers and performers, visual artists, art creators and other music producers. Additionally presented with sound journeys, breath-work and meditation at wellness retreats.

“Nasiri’s music feels like a spiritual experience that leaves you feeling something special” – Kord Agency

“Unreal musical sound experience with enlightening touches” – Wow it’s Now

“Love Nasiri’s music, such a great middle eastern fusion electronica!” – Paul Stamets

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